How Does Placement Works in Valorant

Valorant rank works on two main things your MMR and your RR which determine how high your rank is and how many rating points you are going to earn. On the other hand, rank placement is solely based on your current and previous match performances and mind that you have to be an impactful player. You don’t have to top the scoreboard and bait everyone to get kills because that can negatively impact your placements. In this blog, I’ll explain how placement works on a new account or your existing accounts after a new episode or a new act.

What are placement matches and do they matter?:

Rank placement is a process that a player goes through after unlocking the rank mode by leveling up to level 20. In placement matches, you’ll come across different skill-level players, some of them will be new to the game and some of them will just be there to smurf. All in all the placement matches are there to find out your individual skill in the game and put a rank on your account. So you know winning these matches is a huge deal if you take valorant seriously and to answer the question does it matter? So yeah it definitely does because it’s your only chance to skip through ranks and take a leap on the rank ladder. If you don’t take them seriously there will be two scenarios. The first one will be that you’ll end up at the bottom of the barrel and will get placed in iron. The second scenario would be that if you somehow win some of the matches you’ll get placed in a lower rank than your skill level and you will need to earn a lot of ranking ratings to get to the rank you actually are.

Valorant placement boost:

As you know placement matches are the most important matches in the whole act because you can jump through ranks and that is why winning in them and topping the scoreboard and performing in them is a must if you want a good rank or want to get a leap on your previous rank. If you want to have a secure way to win these matches and get a good rank then getting Valorant placement boosting might be a good idea because is the most secure way to win placement matches and the chance of getting banned is next to nothing. It is also way cheaper than actual rank boosting so if you want to get the full benefit of your placement matches then you could avail of this service.

What are MMR And RR and what do they do?:

In new accounts, MMR (matchmaking rating) And RR (Rank Ratings) simply do not affect the placement matches for new accounts because in new accounts the player has yet to find his rank and his place in the stressful and intense situations that are the valorant rank ladder. MMR is essentially a numbering ladder in valorant where you get a number after getting placed in a rank and by winning matches and giving good performances your number gets higher hence you rank up. On the other side, ranking ratings are a little bit different because you can see your rank ratings after placement, and that adds a transparency layer because now you know how many points you gain, how much you lose after losing a match, and when you are going to rank up. So by winning matches and topping the scoreboard, you can push up your MMR and get placed in a good rank overall.

How does it actually work?:

Now that I have explained thoroughly what goes into placement matches and what algorithms work on your placements, keep in mind that MMR and RR are just two of the many methods that Riot uses to place you in your most accurate rank. First of all, you need to level up to 20 so your account can get unlocked for competitive play after that you will play 5 placement matches to get your first rank and this rank will vary on how you performed in matches and how many you won because, in this initial matches, you’ll come across various ranks so your first rank can be much higher if you play your cards right.

On the other hand, in an existing account if you already have a rank and it just got reset because of an act then the jump in ranks will be mere because you’ll already pre-determine MMR according to your skill set but if you perform well in these matches and win them then you can easily skip two to three divisions of your previous act rank. If your rank got reset by an act the most possible outcome will be your previous or a division or two lower because there are a lot of new players in this lobbies as I explained earlier on so you’ll most probably play with and against new players that’s just how it works but if you tops the scoreboard in all of those matches and win them then you’ll very likely to get an upper rank.

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